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Unite OC - Conservative Candidate Boot Camp

Unite OC is a coalition of conservative groups whose mission is to unite ALL conservatives in Orange County, leveraging their resources, energies, and talents to get fiscal conservatives elected. UniteOC will link 100 groups with 100 members each to generate 10,000 voices,all marching in the same direction for the 2014 election. Conservative Candidate Boot Camp

OC Political

Orange County Tea Party Blog

Union Watch - A project of the California Policy Center



Newport Mesa Tea Party Patriots Presidential Poll

Ted Cruz won our presidential poll by a wide margin. Go to the Conservative Review link to the left to see how Ted Cruz matches up with other GOP candidates. Click on the Ted Cruz image to go to the Ted Cruz 2016 web page.

Loren Spivack - The Free Market Warrior

California City Pension Burdens - California Policy Center

The most heavily burdened cities are San Rafael, Costa Mesa and San Jose, which have pension cost / revenue ratios estimated at 17.58%, 14.36% and 13.88% respectively. The second most burdened city is Costa Mesa. Like San Rafael, the city has a legacy of generous benefits. By 2011, police and fire employees were in plans that paid 3% at age 50, while miscellaneous employees received 2.5% at 55. In some cases, existing employees had benefitted from plan enhancements after being hired. For example, in 2010, the fire union negotiated a reduction in retirement age from 55 to 50. This change applied to current employees even though the enhanced benefit had not been funded by previous contributions made by the firefighters or the city. 

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FAirview Park - What Should We Do?

Robert Hammond - Stopping Common Core in Orange County Schools and AB-1266

Stop Common Core Press Conference


OC Board of Education 10/20/2014

Panelist Hugh Hewitt says local schools are IRRELEVANT under Common Core. Hugh recommends suing the Feds to preserve local schools...


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